While most parts of Cameroon exhibit more or less the same climatic conditions, when travelling across different parts of Cameroon, you will experience varying weather patterns due to Cameroon’s differing topographical dimensions.

In most parts of the country, the coolest season falls between July and September which is the rainy season, with temperatures dropping to the low 50’s (°F). In as much as Cameroon does not have summer but a dry season between the months of October and May when it’s hot in most parts of the Country.

  1. Footwear

Comfortable walking shoes are a must; supplement with sandals and flip flops. You might consider bringing, formal dress shoes in case of a formal event you may be invited to and sneaker/closed shoes for the cold or rainy days.

  1. Sun protection

Special attention should be given to protecting yourself from the sun. Bring a sunhat, sun screen, sun lotion and sun glasses.

  1. Rainy days

Cameroon sometimes experiences an extension of the rainy season during the month of October. Do ensure to carry a portable umbrella and warm clothing.

  1. Miscellaneous items to bring

Torch, water bottle, insect repellent, lip balm, sewing kit, basic first aid kit is a must as in many cases, when travelling, you may be far from health facilities. Visitors are also advised to bring their own medication or prescriptions.

  1. Local customs

Cameroon is a relatively formal society and the people are warm and friendly. Ladies are encouraged to dress modestly within the town and in the outskirts.

Photography is prohibited in certain areas within the city therefore, ensure you ask before taking photos in order to avoid arrest or confiscation of your camera.

  1. Taxi/ Cabs

Should you require a taxi to pick you up from a specific location a number of privately owned taxi companies are available.

  • St. Joseph Transport Agency : +237675437049