Wednesday, 5th October 2016
Venue: University of Buea
7.00-9.00am: Registration and Video Presentation on African Challenges overtime
9.00-9.45am: Opening Keynote Address: Regional integration, how far Africa has come and why
9.45-10.00am: Short Break
10.00-11.00am:   Sensitization Match pass University of Buea to Check Point Molkyo
11.00am-6.00pm: Site visits to youth-run businesses and community projects with packed lunch, including visit to Prime Minister’s lounge and Bimbia Slave market
Thursday, 6th October 2016
Venue: University of Buea
7.00-8.00am:     Registration and Video Presentation of Africa Success stories
8.00-9.00am:   Welcome Address by the Delegate of Youth Affairs and Civic Education SWR, the Mayor of the Buea Municipality and the Governor of South West Region
9.00-9.45am:       Opening Keynote Address: The Power of One Africa: Linking Up Businesses and Shaping Youth Leaders Across Borders
9.45-10.15am:     Presentation of YALDA Youth Perspectives on the Need for Rapid Regional Integration Memorandum
10.15-10.30am:  Short Break
10.30-11.00am:  i-Boot Camp Introductory speeches
1.    Platinum sponsors
2.    i-Boot Camp partner(s)
11.00-11.30am: Making the most of the YALDA i-Boot Camp,  Progress Updates and Targets
11.30am-1.00pm: Plenary Seminar 1: What does it take to expand your enterprise across borders and to make its sustainable 
1.00-2.00pm: LUNCH
2.00-3.30pm: Plenary Seminar 2:  Successful tools for ensuring you are financed  beyond your country
1.    Getting financing for your business
2.    Purposeful fundraising that works for community projects
3.30-3.45pm: Short Break
3.45-5.15pm:     Plenary Seminar 3:  Contextual intelligence: understanding policies, rule of law, social norms and other factors that will impact your success
5.15-5.30pm: Short Break
5.30-7.00pm:       Plenary Seminar 4:  When the going gets tough: successful tools for perseverance to overcome physical and mental obstacles
Friday, 7th October 2016
Venue:  University of Buea
7.00-8.45am:                 Registration
9.00-9.45am:               Friday Keynote Address: Successfully identifying opportunities across borders and harnessing them
Short Break
10.00am-12.00pm:       Workshop Sessions 1:
1.    Idea Labs
2.    Finalisation of Presentations
12.00-1.00pm:            LUNCH
1.00-3.00pm:             Workshop Sessions 2:
1.    Idea Labs
2.    Finalisation of Presentations
3.00-3.15pm:           Short Break
3.15-5.15pm:            Panel Session 1:  (CHOICE OF THREE PANEL IDEA REVIEWS)
1.    Tourism and Hospitality ideas
2.    Environment Impact ideas
3.    Education and Academia ideas
5.15-5.30pm:          Short Networking Break
5.30-7.30pm:            Panel Session 2:  (CHOICE OF THREE PANEL IDEA REVIEWS)
1.    Government, Politics and Civil Service ideas
2.    Consumer Goods and Services ideas
3.    Sports and Outdoor activities ideas
8.00-10.00pm: COCKTAIL DINNER: Networking, Building Relationships with role plays with experts
Saturday, 8th October 2016
Venue:  University of Buea
7.00-8.45am:                Registration
9.00-9.45am:               Saturday Keynote Address: Committed to One Another: Challenging stereotypes, xenophobia and embracing our differences for a prosperous Africa
Short Break
10.00am-12.00pm:       Panel Session 3:  (CHOICE OF THREE PANEL IDEA REVIEWS)
1.    Technology and Infrastructure ideas
2.    Legal Services and Human Rights ideas
3.    Media, Entertainment, Arts and Culture ideas
12.00-1.00pm:            LUNCH
1.00-3.00pm:             Panel Session 4: (CHOICE OF THREE PANEL IDEA REVIEWS)
1.    Public Health and Medicine ideas
2.    Financial Services ideas
3.    Agriculture ideas
3.00-3.30pm:           Short Networking Break
3.30-5.30pm:                           Panel Session 5:  (CHOICE OF THREE PANEL IDEA REVIEWS)
1.    Mining and Resources ideas
2.    Human Development ideas
3.    Advertising, Marketing, Public relations ideas
8.00-10.00pm: GALA DINNER
11.00-2.00am:              Social Activity
Sunday, 9th October 2016
Venue:  University of Buea
7.30-8.30am:                Registration
8.30-9.00am:                        Networking and Reflections
9.00-10.00am:         Closing of i-Boot Camp Keynote Address: Dream or possibility: United States of Africa of the future and the role of youth in regional integration
10.00-11.00am:              Brief presentations of top proposals from each sector
11.00-11.15am:                  Short break
11.15-11.30am:                  Delegates Complete Online i-Boot Camp Evaluations
Awards Ceremony and Prize Giving
Closing Speeches and Vote of Thanks
1.00-5.00pm:            Optional Resources Fair