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About the venue

ubThe University of Buea (UB) is located in the historic town of Buea on the eastern flank of Mount Cameroon, is the only English-speaking institution of its kind in predominantly French-speaking Central Africa. It can easily be reached by an all-season, asphalted highway from the port city of Limbe, and some 30 km to the West, or from the Douala International airport that lies 70 km to the East.

The University offers a rich portfolio of about 80 degree programmes at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD levels, all of them designed to comply with the European Bologna BMP-System. Our degree programmes in Medicine, Nursing, Accountancy, Translation/Interpretation, Gender Studies, Biochemistry, Microbiology continue to attract numerous applications from within and abroad.

University of Buea has a highly qualified and diversified staff (300 permanent and 200 part-time) to cater for 12,000 students, together with our partners in more than 40 universities in Africa, Europe and North America. In addition to teaching, our staff undertakes research projects in a wide variety of subjects, including infectious diseases (malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS), environmental hazards, natural resources, biodiversity and plant medicines. These research projects funded by international and national competitive grants offer practical training opportunities for our students.

Our students also take out time to relax through participation in cultural activities, sporting events, clubs and associations.

Vision Statement

The University of Buea aspires to become a leading university in the quality and relevance of its teaching, research and services.


Mission Statement

The University of Buea will provide opportunities for quality teaching and research in a conducive environment, and in a manner that makes its graduates relevant to the needs of the job market.

The University is dedicated to the continuous quest for excellence in research, the promotion of moral and human values, and service to the community.

Conceived in the English-speaking tradition, the University of Buea seeks to foster the essence of that system, while situating itself within the larger bilingual and multicultural context of Cameroon.

Its teaching and research programmes emphasize relevance encourage tolerance and promote creative, critical and independent thinking.

The University of Buea seeks to foster national and international collaboration, maintaining a cordial relationship among all stakeholders and, especially, to promote the welfare of staff and students who are key actors in the university system.